ROTOTUBE - preserving and storing of round and square bales in Roto Lastic®


RotoTube is a machine that puts round bales (wet or moist grass) in elastic bags/tubes called Roto Lastic® for preservation in an oxygen free environment

The principle

Roto Lastic® is a tube of plastic that with a special polymer formula that while maintaining the elasticity is enlarged enough to allow the grass bale to pass through the plastic tube. The plastic is then released from the machine and the elastic tube press and wrap the bale inside the plastic tunnel

The advantage compared to traditional wrapping systems

  • higher speed - 100 bales per hour
  • less plastic - lower plastic cost
  • higher quality of the final product
  • uniform preservation
  • low energy consumption
  • possibility to wrap deformed bales


100 bales per hour - RotoTube is the fastest machine on the market!

Own diesel engine

RotoTube is completely independent with a small diesel engine operating all the functions. Leave the bale on the pusher, the machine starts automatically and the bale will be moved into the plastic bag

RotoTube works completely unattended!

Roto Lastic® with length 45m are available for following round bale diameters

  • Ø 120 - 130 cm (73")
  • Ø 135 - 148 cm (82")
  • Ø 150 - 160 cm (87")


 model length width height weight min kW
 capacityØ bale fuel
  cm cm cm kg kW bale/h min/max l/h
 RO170 465249