Tractor powered and self propelled compost and silage bagger from APIESSE with bags up to 3,6m

ROTOPRESS II is a tractor powered or self propelled compost and silage bagging machine designed to bag maize, grass,brewers grain, sugar beet pulps, tomato waste and other feed/byproducts in order to preserve the nutrient value in an oxygen free environment for feeding of milking cows, beef cattle, pigs etc

Storing of raw material, substrates for production of biogas is another way to use the ROTOPRESS II, since the effective, cost efficient and simple bagging process competes favorably to clamp or bunker silos regarding investment, loss of dry matter and operational cost

ROTOPRESS II can also be used in the environmental industry where composting and storing of waste is a suitable option for ROTOPRESS II equipped with a Composting Kit

Rotopress II advantage

  • Fastest machine to prepare for operation, one man only
  • No need of external cables to brake the machine

  • Possible to change tunnel diameters, only one machine for different type of demands

  • Bag very wet and humid products

  • Possible to install a "compost kit " and bag organic material for composting

  • Possible to fit bags up to 100 m long

  • With no external cables the machine doesn't have go straight forward

  • Internal cable inside the bag brakes the machine, in many situations very convenient

  • Best price/performance ratio on the market

Composting - storing - preserving - treating in bags


Composting - Storing - Preserving - Treating

  • low capital cost

  • low maintenance and operation cost

  • easy to install, operate and maintain

  • treatment of wide range of wastes using the same equipment

  • economically viable from small to large throughput

  • simply expandable to increase the plant throughput

Fast - flexible - efficient - versatile - profitable

Rotopress II models

  1. ROTOPRESS 1C - PTO with one auger - 80ton/h - max power 140hp(1000rpm) - low cost machine

  2. ROTOPRESS 2C - PTO with two augers - 120-130ton/h - max power 260hp(1000rpm) - professional machine

  3. ROTOPRESS 1M - Self propelled with one auger - 60ton/h - own engine 100hp (optional 126hp) - for limited space

Rotopress capacity depends on

  • power applied

  • type of product and humidity

  • total capacity of the harvesting team

Rotopress II - tunnel - bag diameter

For all ROTOPRESS models it is possible and easy to change the tunnel diameter (e.g. diameter 2,40 - 3,00 - 3,60 m) but the main body of the machine is the same

SLU - JTI Rapporter

SLU - Rapport 268 - Ensilering i slang

Jämförelse mellan två ensilagepackare och mellan hackvagn och finsnittvagn
Thomas Pauly, Martin Knicky, Per Lingvall,
Hans Arvidsson, Rolf Spörndly

JTI informerar nr 116 - Foderkonservering i slang

Martin Sundberg

JTI-rapport 346 - Ensilagekvalitet vid olika grad av mekanisk bearbetning av grönmassan
Jämförelse mellan ensilering i bal, slang och silo
Martin Sundberg - Thomas Pauly

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Martin Sundberg - Thomas Pauly

SLU - Ensileringsförsök i slang med 3 olika ensileringsmedel

Cecilia Lundmark

ROTOPRESS IIC - maize for biogasproduction

ROTOGRAIN IIC bagging maize for milkproduction

ROTOPRESS II in Pizzighettone, Italy


Silage bag capacity - volume - ton/m - ton/bag

Bags are available in the following diameters (cm) -  150/ 200/ 240/ 270/ 300/ 360 cm and with a length up to 100m

Capacities calculated on bulk density inside the bag of 660kg/m3

m3/ meterton / meter
m3/ 75m ton / 75 m  ton / 100 m
 150 1,77 1,18132
 88 118
 200 3,30 2,21247
 165 221
 240 4,52 3,02339 226 302
 270 5,72 3,83429
 287 383
 300 7,02 4,70526
 352 470
 360 10,17 6,82762
 511 682