Tinytag Data Loggers - Systems for monitoring and controlling temperature of compost

Systems and procedures in composting have to be developed to ensure that the product produced is of the highest quality. They also need to have stringent protocol controls in place to meet industry compliance standards set down under PAS100

During composting, it is critical to ensure the right temperature for optimum productivity. Wrong temperature can delay or even destroy the composting process

The use of Tinytag® data loggers and probes to monitor temperature during the composting process and the analysis of the recorded data allows one to decide whether the airflow needs adjusting to maintain the correct temperature

Traditional system

Tinytags® are easy to use. Connect the logger to your PC using a USB or serial cable, use Tinytag Explorer software to configure the logger and leave it in place to record the data Configuration options allow the user to set the time interval for each recording, define alarm limits and start options

To retrieve the data re-connect the logger to your PC to view in a convenient graph format. It can then be saved and exported to other applications. Alternatively use Tinytag Shuttle with an HP iPAQ if you need to leave the loggers in position

Tinytag Plus Robust, battery operated and waterproof these loggers have a wide range of sensors and large memories for long term monitoring

Simple to use, these units are ideal for recording temperatures for process monitoring and validation

Compost Probe

A cost effective, waterproof and robust probe custom-designed for compost applications. With moulded handle, 1m stainless probe and the option to monitor surface as well as core temperature

Tinytag Explorer

Tinytag Explorer is the principal software for all Tinytag data loggers. It is used to configure and launch the loggers. Upon reconnection it displays the data they gather in clear graph and table formats. Windows based and user friendly it allows data to be exported to other applications for ease of use in reports and research projects

Tinytag Shuttle

This pocket PC software enables a user to offload, and restart Tinytag loggers in remote or difficult to reach locations without the need for a laptop or for returning loggers to a desktop PC. Once data files have been offloaded from a logger to the pocket PC, they can easily be transferred to a desktop, or a conversion feature in the software enables to user to view data on the pocket PC itself

Wireless system

The new Tinytag® solution uses a revolutionary self-configuring radio mesh network to send 'real time' information direct to the Tinytag Explorer Software

Fan control boxes allow immediate remedial action to automatically turn on/off the aeration systems and optimize the process control and production

This system also has the ability to compensate for any obstruction in the network by relaying the data via other transmitters. The data can then be collated by the base station ready for presentation in various formats and can also be accessed via the internet

  • Measures temperature of compost at surface and core

  • Self configuring for easy set up

  • Battery operated

  • Automated central data collection (no downloading required)

  • Can cover large remote areas monitoring 100’s of points

  • Optional control and logging of aeration system

  • Robust network

Benefits of using wireless technology for composting

  • Quick response

  • No manual downloads

  • Visibility

  • Durability

  • Local recording